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Ooooh look what I found on the rack…


My most recent trips to the mall had me in search of something sparkling, glittery and down right flashy for an upcoming dance performance. I was on a mission and was short on time. I had dressed the part today, relaxed jeans and a plain t-shirt. This is my “I don’t care cuz I’m rushing” uniform. I figured the best place to check in at was this trendy urban store. I dashed into the store and feverishly look for anything reflective. As my dives into the shirt rack were proving unsuccessful, the nice lady in the store smiled and approached me. I mentally prepared my standby ‘I’m just looking’ statement when she said to me ” You should really try our Columbian jeans, they’ll lift your butt very well.”

My chin hit the floor. She continued “They are fabulous and they really lift your butt and make it look good.” I was truly at a loss for words. I mean seriously! I was in the shirt section. And even if I was looking for those jeans (and I wasn’t SINCE I was in the SHIRT section) the fact that this lady voluntarily had made an assessment on my booty and that it was not up to her standards was just…just…just plain rude. I walked out of the store immediately without saying a word.

I did manage to catch a glimpse of my behind in the mirror as I was walking out. It didn’t look THAT bad. 🙂


My inner fat kid rejoices

So like i’ve said before, I have an inner fat kid. And this kid LOOOOOOVES  just about anything sweet. One the of the treats that really gets my fat kid doing jumping jacks is Sweetz Bakery Cupcakes. They have a kiosk in Dulles Towne Center and these folks are the real deal! They do weddings and special events and also have gluten free options. I love finishing off a day of splurging at the mall with a moist, melt-in-your-mouth, slap yo mamma toffee crunch cupcake or betta beware Bailey’s Irish Creme cupcake.  Sometimes the trip to the mall is for the cupcake alone. Simply outstanding! A must try if you are ever in the area.


Song of the Week: You Woke Me Up! by Andrew Bird


Sooo I like interesting music. I came across this song a few weeks ago and its worthy of a listen. It’s beautiful, thought provoking and feeds the imagination. Please enjoy “You Woke Me Up!” by Andrew Bird

With this, as with any music, if you enjoy it please support the artist by buying it from iTunes (or wherever you buy your music from) 🙂

That’s not what I asked for…


Recently while waiting for my car to be fixed, I ventured to the nearby McDonalds. Not one of my usual spots since the movie “Super Size Me” but hey, they had free wifi. Anyways I tried to enjoy the ambiance as I snacked on my fruit and walnut salad. Randomly a dude walks up to my table, mumbles something, throws a folded piece of paper on my tray and walks out like he was the man. Mind you I was mid bite and didn’t have time to respond to what happen. The piece of paper he threw at me nearly landed in my yogurt. My first thought was that it was a joke and I just knew some teenager was standing nearby giggling with a camera phone.  I reached for the paper and opened it to find that it wasn’t some gross request or rude drawing, it was the guy’s name, phone number, mailing address, date of birth, social security…okay not the social security number but it was waaay more information a perfect stranger should have.

Then it dawns on me. I just got hollered at in McDonalds 😦  something not acceptable over the age of 17.


The new must try drink, perfect for summer!

It may sound bizarre but you have got to try the Tropi-kale Paradise from Robeks. Yes, it has fresh kale in it but it’s not your momma’s kale. It’s perfectly blended and balanced to please the palette and provide you with all the nutrients you are neglecting to get while at all these summer cookouts. Be careful though, they are addictive! 

“oh you don’t hiss at the baby…”



The other night while enjoying my nightly dose of TV, my little girl, Sanaa jumps in my lap and starts going nuts. Like seriously going nuts. Her hair is standing up on end while whining and growling simultaneously.  After pushing her off my lap, I follow her to the sliding door of my second story balcony. She continues to whine as she noses at the door. It now being about midnight, I am unable to see anything so I cut the light on. To my surprise I see a big 15 lb cat staring back at me… Not only is it staring back at me, its taking a dump! Yes it straight up took a dump on my balcony! Right in the middle of my balcony! Now I thought all cats did their business in private so I was amazed at how brazen this cat was. It’s nice to know that my balcony makes for an okay litter box.  I step outside to shoo off the cat and it stands there and hisses at me like I’m the problem here. After it didn’t move, I decided to let Sanaa run it off.  Mind you now this cat is about as big if not bigger than her but I thought “hey she’s a dog, she can handle her business. I mean, that’s what dogs do, right?” Needless to say the cat not only stood her ground, but hissed at her and took a swipe at her!  Sanaa took off running for the door with her tail between her legs, shaking. Oh you don’t hiss at the baby!!!! It was at that point I chased the cat off the balcony to my neighbor’s side which I suspect where she came from. At this point I’m livid!! I got cat poo on my deck and a now very upset little dog. I even took a picture of the poo as evidence ( yes, I’ll spare you the pic…for now). I even had thoughts of picking it up and smearing it on their front door. (I didn’t though, *smile)

I try to calm my nerves by returning to TV watching. Five minutes later, Sanaa is freaking out again which lets me know the cat is back. I go outside again to shoo it off but now the cat is meowing like it wants to come in. I like animals but she had ruined any chance of coming to my house after it hissed an me and my baby! This time with a little compassion, I try to give it some water in a small dish. Once it refused it, I gently shooed it back onto the neighbor’s deck. I noticed where there was a brick divider that the cat crawled thru. Trying to be a nice neighbor, I reset the brick, cleaned up the poo and went back inside.

The next day, I had a very nice note along with a phone number from my neighbor. They accidentally left their cat out and it “may” have caused some damage to our balcony and that if it did to let them know. I called them but didn’t have the heart to tell them about poo gate (nor show them the pic). I told them I saw her, she startled the dog a little bit but no harm no foul.

Every night now since, Sanaa is on watch for the balcony. Not like she going do anything about it, but she’s on watch.

Hello world!


Welcome to my blog! This being my first entry, I want to let you know what to expect. In my little slice of the internet you’ll get true humorous stories, links and reviews of  culinary masterpieces (I love to feed my inner fat kid), aesthetically pleasing designs and music you may not come across in your everyday life. My goal is to get you to laugh and smile, even if its at me, and truly enjoy the beauty of life. So relax, and let’s have a little fun together!