The $200 Breakfast Sandwich


So living in the DC area, I should be no stranger to traffic and parking foolishness. I tell you though, I still have days that surprise me and work my ever lovin’ last nerve. This was actually the case about 2 weeks ago.

I had to drive across town to Silver Spring for fingerprints I have to get for an upcoming test. It was in an area that I was not at familiar with but they didn’t bother me. So as I pull into the parking lot, I noticed a food spot across the street that caught my eye AND I was about a half hour early for my appointment. Score!  So I parked the car and happily skipped my butt across the street to get me a breakfast sandwich. I got my sandwich and came immediately back to the parking lot area where there were tables (wasn’t out of the parking lot for no more than 10 minutes ) and sat and enjoyed every bite of my breakfast sandwich.  Sandwich devoured and appointment time quickly approaching, I realized I left something in car that I need for the appointment.  I walk over to my car, well…. I walked over to where my car was in disbelief. Mentally I’m double checking to see if this was where I had parked.  Yes… this was the spot as evidenced by the puddle of AC condensation from where my car was. “Awwww nawwww” I literally said aloud. I kinda did this real dramatic slow motion turn in one spot upon the realization that I have just got ‘got’. I started thinking to myself  “well this is a decent area and it’s 10am…wait…did I really just get towed?!?”

Sure enough I looked at the sign it roughly said “you walk off the property, you will be towed”.  Okay so yes it was my fault (but whatever) I didn’t think to look at the sign because I knew had legitimate business there and the kicker was that I was only off for no more than 10 minutes. I call the towing company listed on the sign and explained what happened and that I had legimate business in the area and my car was towed erroneously.  The chick’s ( and yes I said chick because that is the nicest word I can come up with. Thinking about it still make my blood boil) response was “You walked off. you can pick your car up in Rockville” (which is about at least an hour away by car) I took all of Jesus for me not to truly say what I wanted to say.

Reasoning and arguing with this ‘chick’  was proving pointless and now I’m late for my appointment. I hung up and walked into my appointment…shaking uncontrollably with rage and frustration, I explained my situation to the apathetic receptionist. She said that they have folks in the parking lot and watch people walk off, they keep the tow truck right around the corner in waiting. I FELT OH SO VIOLATED.  The lady doing my fingerprints started to console me and gave me a big ole hug as I started audibly repeating to myself  “oh Lord Jesus keep me!!”. That was the best hug a stranger has ever given me. With her help and fingerprinting complete, I collected myself and went about the business of getting my car back.

2 hours, 1 metro ride, 1 bus ride , 3 block walk and $200 later, I got my car back. That sandwich was not THAT good. 😦

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  1. Oh my goodness, that sucks! As someone who has had their car towed a few times in my own condo complex, I understand your frustration. Tow truck companies are big vultures and have no compassion. Yes, yes, they are a business that needs to make money, but they could at least extend some grace.

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