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Gotta Listen To This With Headphones or On Great Speakers


I’m just getting back from this creative conference in Chicago called Story. Well physically I’m back but spiritually I’m still there! It was just an amazing atmosphere to feed the little creative monster that lives deep inside me. There were so many things that literally fed my soul. One thing in particular was the opportunity to hear about a group called Mason Jar Music. In this day and age were everyone focuses on the 808 and beatbox, they decided to concentrate their efforts of focusing on the pure, raw, unsynthesized  beauty of music. The result? Something so amazing that you must truly enjoy with a  good set a headphones or on some great speakers. The crazy thing about what they do, they all volunteer to do it. They don’t sell one bit of it. (Trust me, I’da bought all their stuff if I could.) This group has worked with artists like Josh Garrels, Laura Gibson and Alicia Keys. My words are simply not enough. You must go and enjoy this yourself.  Please check out to get a taste of all that they do and enjoy this video link below on my behalf.

Mason Jar Music Presents Josh Garrels

Music To Study By


**Alarm Will Sound – Blue Calx **

Click here to listen and enjoy!

In this season of my life, I find myself studying…a lot. And every study session (well at least for me) needs a great soundtrack. I stumbled across this song while on my Pandora flow and it is simply amazing! Please take a moment to enjoy Blue Calx by Alarm Will Sound and as always, if you enjoy it, purchase a copy wherever you get your music from. 🙂

Artist of the Month- Kaskade


Yes I said “Artist of the Month” because this guy and his music is just that beastly.  I have been a long time fan of electronic music and Kaskade, and I have been gifted the wonderful opportunity to see him on tour in the beautiful San Francisco, California. His music is unlike any other DJ I have heard and has a crazy range in styling. A true treat for the ear! More than likely you have heard one of his tracks playing at your local lounge and not even realized it!  So for your listening pleasure, I have included a link to one of his playlist from YouTube.

Enjoy and as always if you like what you hear, please support the artist by purchasing from iTunes (or wherever you purchase your music) 🙂


Kaskade Playlist – Click here!

Song of the Week: You Woke Me Up! by Andrew Bird


Sooo I like interesting music. I came across this song a few weeks ago and its worthy of a listen. It’s beautiful, thought provoking and feeds the imagination. Please enjoy “You Woke Me Up!” by Andrew Bird

With this, as with any music, if you enjoy it please support the artist by buying it from iTunes (or wherever you buy your music from) 🙂